18 Sapna Vyas Patel Pictures Who Drives The Internet Crazy


Sapna Vyas Patel became an inspiration for millions of people after losing more than 33 kgs in just one year. Her journey from being fat to fit is quite alluring. She even helped 5000 people to achieve their fitness goals without charging any fees. Once again this beautiful diva is raising the temperature of her social media accounts with her hot photos. Check out some of her most liked and shared pics that will inspire you to hit the gym.

She is not a model, Bollywood celebrity or a fashion influencer.

But still she is a role model for thousands of young men and women around the country.

One active decision change her life.

Once leading a unhealthy, Sapna made an active decision to bring a change.

Sapna Vyas is also known as Coach Sapna.

“I was 86kgs initially and then came down to 53kgs in a year’s time. I lost 33 kgs. Even when I was fat I was very happy in my own skin. But, I was perceived more than my age and deep down somewhere it created a feeling of hurt. I didn’t like when once a stranger assumed me to be the mother of my niece and I was just 19. Such small incidences created the turmoil within. I chose not to accept the thing I could change,” told Sapna in an interview.

Exercise and healthy diet is the key.

Talking about her fitness secret, Sapna stated that nothing worth having comes easy because there are NO shortcuts to Fitness and a healthy lifestyle. With a right balance of healthy diet and exercise, she was not just able achieve physical but also mental well-being. One look at her Instagram account and one can gauge, Sapna’s aim to keeping looking and staying WOW.

Winning hearts with her mesmerizing look.

Inspiring people to follow their fitness dreams.

Sapna Vyas strikes a hot pose.

All black outfit suites her.

Looking gorgeous in s**y top and breezy hair.

Sapna Vyas strikes a cool pose in a crop top and denim shorts.

Sapna Vyas believes in staying glamourous and staying wow.

Working out in the gym.

Keeping her motivation high.

Looking breathtaking in her natural look.

A beautiful shot from her beach vacation.

Too hot to handle.

Sapna Vyas impresses her fans with her fashion statement.

Oh-so-hot Sapna Vyas raises the temperatures with her photo.