8 Hacks Girls Should Know To Have Comfortable High Heels


A girls can never think of a night out without their heels. She really loves her heels. But is it always true? I think not. Sometimes girls sees their most beloved companion as their arch-enemy especially when they start hurting her feet. But wait! We have some ideas that can help you fix most of the problem that you are having with your heels. Let’s have a look:

1. Tape your toes together.

I don’t know why this works but taping your second and third toe together can prevent swelling of your feets.

2. Use roll on edges

Using roll on deodorant on your feet will prevent blistering in your feet, and also make it easy to slide feet inside your heel.

3. Utilize zip bags filled with water to break them appropriately.

New heels are  tight and it is very good idea to break them before putting them for their first use. For doing so, put a zip bag filled with water inside your heels and place them in freezer. Just do it and thanks us later.

4. Blow dry your socks and utilize them as your insoles.

Wearing thick socks or even double socks can provide extra comfort. Always wear contoured socks, the looser the sock, the more chafing and blistering possibilities there are. Blow drying your socks can add extra comfort.

5. Dry shampoo to avoid sweat.

Sweat can give you boils and blisters. To avoid this, use dry shampoo on your feet before wearing heels.

6. Try not to change from heels to flats straightforwardly.

It would be a great idea to give your feet a chance to change in accordance with your footwear. So, try to change from high heels to low heels and later on to flats.

7. Grit and bear it.


Sanding the surface of your new shoes might seem a tad aggressive, I mean, you bought those shoes because you really really like the shiny red bottoms right? We get it, but sanding the bottoms of slick soles gives you more traction on surfaces like tiles or granite and definitely takes slipping off the list of heel-hazards.

8. Maxi Pads.

Believe it or not, maxi pads, the thickest, bounciest ones you can find; feel tons better than store-bought gel inserts with certain types of shoes. Booties in particular benefit from the extra padding. Apart from resting your foot on a soft and squishy bed, it has the added benefit of absorbing any foot sweat. Obviously not to be used with sandals or slides.