According to Scientists, This Woman Has The ‘Most Attractive Figure’ In The World. And They Are Not Wrong


According to an old saying beauty lies in the eyes of beholder but scienctist belive it is in model, actress, TV presenter Kelly Brook. And after this claim, everyone is talking about Kelly Brook.

So, in case you are wondering how a woman with this figure looks likes, then presenting to you the 39-year-old model from England Kelly Brooke:

Kelly get this title after a study was conducted at Univerity of Texas.

This study was to find the most perfect figure for a woman and Kelly’s body measurements are very close to these findings.

36-24-36 is not anymore a ideal body figure measurement.

While the fashion industry still believes 36-24-36 is perfect female look, the scientists at Texas University think otherwise. From this study, it is concluded that 38-24-35 (bust-weight-hip measurement) is an ideal figure for a woman. Yes, there are many other factors also considered during this study.

She is neither fat nor too thin. Every part of her body is simply ‘perfect’.

These parameters are considered during this study.

Wondering what are the parameters that the scientists considered to come to this conclusion. Initially a survey was conducted in which people were asked what according to them is the ideal height, hair length, weight, shape of face as well as hips.

According to the answers that they got, Kelly just fit in perfectly in the blank.

Just look at this British beauty and you will totally agree with the scientists. She has the perfect height of 1.68 m or 5.5 feet. Her dimensions are 99-63-91 that is considered ‘perfect’.

The study is a revelation that the body type most women consider as plump is actually the perfect body according to most people in the world.