This New Fashion Brings Girls Crazy, They Leave Little To The Imagination


Japanese are known to create things top of there class. They always do something amazing that makes the whole world wondering about their skills and knowledge. They again did it. This time they came up with a female garment that is at the limit between the $sexy, bold and inappropriate. Japanese garment making company ‘Virgin Killer’ has come up with an idea of a sleeveless jersey with the deep neckline in fact, very deep neckline. Just within few days after it went out for sale, this pullover become trending fashion not just between Japanese girls, but all over the world. Girls are all over the world are now crazy for this extremely bold jersey.

Seeing this Japanese model will give you enough reasons to buy a one ‘Virgin Killer’ pullover for you.

Now this company has added a few new feature to this fashion article. The new design includes a bikini and a jumper with a deep neckline.

This original bold piece of garment thrilled not just Japanese girls, but girls all over the globe after this picture of Japanese model with this jersey went viral.

Jersey went out of stock on the very first day of its sell.

These designs are perfect for season parties.

It is available for 3980 Japanese Yen approx 34 dollars. Ladies are preferring it for its unusually sensual design perfect for any occasion.

The new version will be available soon.

The company has announced few more upgrade in their original piece to make it more elegant. The new version may include shorter sleeves and high legs. They may make it deeper from behind.