Weird Things Women Do In Private


Women are mysterious and according to moods, there is a sudden shift. Most of the women will do things in private which gives a sense of satisfaction. You are having no entry zone which you can speak.

Plucking eyebrows/upper lip/chin hair and placing them on mirror.

Smelling their own armpits.

Cup your own chest to look cute and warm feeling.

Popping the pimple.

Releasing the b*tt cheek from the clutches of a wedgie.

Checking the body in the mirror and tuck the belly inside the pants.

Dancing like a diva especially in the bathroom.

Taking off those heels immediately after getting home and heaving a sigh of relief.

Squeezing the blackheads with fingers or examining the blackhead strip remover after the task accomplishment.

Remove the dirt from under the nails and feel clean.

Taking the selfies and feel like a diva.

Tearing off the split end.

Getting into the bed with freshly waxed or shaved legs feels so damn good.